Saturday, March 29, 2008

Windy RMR

I woke this morning to my eye much better and the sun shining. So I had no excuse to not race. I headed out early to watch the A and B fields. Several of my teammates flatted. I guess there was a lot of gutter riding going on due to the nasty cross wind. As usual the BF flourished in the harsh conditions and got in a 3 man break that had half a lap on the field. He made it look easy as he crossed the finish line in first! That's my man.

I'm sure he doesn't say that's my girl when he watches me race. But he is nice enough to stay and watch and always tells me what a good job I did. Actually I don't feel too bad about today since I have been sick all week. I had a bit of trouble clipping in at the start so I immediately started drifting back. By the narrow part on the back stretch I was already losing the main field. I hooked up with 6 other guys and we formed our own second group. It was really good wind practice as I moved around continually trying to find the sweet spot out of the wind where I could catch my breath. I hung with those guys to the finish and got in a good workout and had lots of fun. I'm looking forward to giving it another go on Tuesday. The season is still early and hurt as it may I'm going to hang with those ridiculous Porcupine guys someday soon. I heard one say today, "so even though I'm a 4 now I can stay in C flight! Cool I'll stay here another year or so." Milk it!

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