Wednesday, March 12, 2008

What is up with Wednesdays?

I can't sleep because I have that nagging feeling that I've left something important unfinished at work. I left my office a mess so I could get to spin class. My day was spent averting one crisis after another. Something went down which left my sweet Nurse Care Manager near tears and forced me to pull two employees away from their jobs to deal with the mess.

In the meantime I had the maintenance man following me around. While generally I enjoy having a man around asking me what he can fix and what he can do for me, today I just wasn't up for it. His helpfulness seems to have increased since he found out that Bob Roll is not my boyfriend. (Time to get some pictures on my desk of me and my real BF!) He did manage to fix the locks that weren't working for one person in my clinic. Now they work for her and no one else. I hope my docs aren't seeing patients in the parking lot tomorrow while I'm in my meeting. He also "fixed" all of my exit signs. Now they make some horrible migraine inducing noise.

Speaking of patients I had the pleasure of speaking with one particular pain in the rear repeatedly. He is unhappy with his dosage of medication. He refuses to see the doctor so they can have a discussion. So now he is getting a lawyer. I would love to hear what the lawyer has to say when he tells him that I offered him a free visit at anytime for tomorrow to get his meds straightened around. Speaking of doctors, I have 2 with the flu. Lovely.

In the middle of all of this fun my new therapist dropped by again. (You'll remember last time she stopped by while I was snoozing on my desk.) So I just talked to her while she followed me, the maintenance man and the locksmith around the clinic. What a parade we made! My new employee arrived just in time for the main circus act. Gosh, I hope she comes back tomorrow.

As for spin class I am going to start some new rules. #1 if you are new please don't come late and bring 10 of your closest friends. #2 if you are larger than a B cup please wear a bra!

Okay, I will survive. I will make it to sunny Mesquite and I will be riding my bike up a big A hill! It will be great. I will be suffering on my bike and my good friend Doug will tell me a dirty joke or comment on how nice my carbon fiber looks and all will be well. Then we'll get back and he'll sob (pretend) uncontrollably. It is quite a sight to see a 6'4, 220 lb man in lycra weeping loudly. Then his wife will make us some spectacular food and feed us until we can barely manage to get our alcohol to our lips. His daughter Leni will tell me all about her glamourous life in Vegas and I will sleep like a baby.

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