Friday, March 14, 2008

Off to Mesquite

I'm headed South again. My son jokes that I have it backwards. Most people get 2 weeks of vacation and I go on vacation every two weeks. It is nice to be at a point in my life where I have both the time and the money to have some fun. Mostly I'm just chasing the sunshine. More cold and rain and possibly snow predicted for SLC. I'm am sad that I'll miss watching the BF kick some more butt at the crits.

I'm headed down with my good friend Liesa. She is one of those women that can do any sport and is naturally good at it. As a former competetive body builder she always looks great! A couple of summers ago we went downhilling at Deer Valley. She was complaining that her front shock was making some kind of noise on the first two runs. When we got on the lift for our 3rd run the guy putting our bikes on noticed that she had no front skewer! That explained the banging noise- scary!

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