Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Bacon Coma!

Well I finally snapped. I couldn't turn down the BLT at lunch. I justified it because I was getting tomatoes and it was on wheat bread and I was teaching 3 classes today- I'd burn it off. Of course, the bread was about an inch thick. I finished it all off with a nice big snickerdoodle cookie. Bad idea. 3:30 found me drooling on my desk. Fortunately, my employee woke me up just as the new psychologist that will be working in my clinic came in to meet me. I'm sure I looked great with glazed eyes, drool and a sleep hickie on my head. She'll probably start therapy on me right away.

My lethargy stayed with me through my drive home and a 15 minute power nap did nothing to help. The gym was just weird tonight. As I sat outside the classroom waiting for my class to begin people just kept coming up and talking to me. First a guy in a wheelchair came up and shared his joy of zipping around the track. "I couldn't go this fast with 2 good legs!" he said. I just smiled and continued my stupor.

Then my neighbor from Camaroon came over for a visit. He is the biggest blackest man I've ever met. It is fascinating when he hangs out in a traditional African dress in his front yard. It helps me to understand why men like skirts on women. As always my "big, strong legs" are a favorite subject with this man. Is he hitting on me?

Finally, some man I've never met in my life comes walking up to me. I'm seriously looking around trying to figure out why he's headed my way. "How are you? Don't you remember me?" He then did some weird pose with his head and body as if this would somehow trigger a memory for me. "I'm Kenny Olson". Again, more smiling, nodding and blank staring on my part. I felt so out of it from the freaking bacon. Maybe I looked like I needed a friend or something?

Unfortunately, no one showed for the step class I was subbing. So I spent some time working with the new instructor. She's never really done step let alone taught it. I tried to give her my 18 years of teaching knowlege in 45 minutes but she's going to need some work.

Spin class was the usual odd mix of people. I turned up the music and zoned out until my calves started cramping. Too much salt and sugar is obviously not good for you. As Isabelle says when she knows she is going to do something naughty "DON'T DO IT." Good advice from a 2 year old. However, she is like her aunt. Even while saying don't do it, she knows she will.


crazy4rammstein said...

So, does he look like that Calvin Kline model? Djimon something? Drool....aaaaaaaaaaahh. That man is like f-ing onyx. I'd destroy entire villages, countries, planets even, to have him.

In an actual relationship, I swear! See? This means a lot coming from Ms. "I'll never settle down and be trapped again because committment is for the birds."

Downhilldiva said...

Committment is great! It is the being trapped part that one must avoid. You just have to find someone that understands the need to ride/race bicycles continually- then all is well. :)