Sunday, March 9, 2008


Yesterday was the first in the RMR criterium series. It was decently warm and even though it threatened rain it never did. Ski Utah looked awesome with good representation in every field. It was especially awesome that we had 6 women total, 4 in the C flight.

They held the race on the oval instead of the drag strip. This is both a good and bad thing. The good thing is that it takes out any technical skills that the usual course requires making it a little safer. However, the speeds can get pretty high and once you get dropped it is difficult to get back on. Men with bigger hearts and quads will always dump us gals on the oval. When we race on the drag strip I know the pack will slow down at each corner so I can usually get back on then. I was also looking forward to finally making peace with the end of the drag strip that crashed me.

I feel like I did well. I started off near the front and held on for as long as I could. Adrenaline got the pack moving fast early on and I started losing places quickly. I stayed ahead of the other women until about 10 minutes in Brandi hit her full stride and passed me. I caught onto packs and wheels wherever I could but the main field ended up lapping most of us at least a few times. I'm not sure if the ladies were scored separately or not. Hopefully, because that would mean I was top 3. Regardless of results it was great anaerobic training and those crits at RMR will make me a better cyclist!

It was fun to watch Sam in his new kit on his hot new bike. He so deserves to be on a good team with teammates that actually work together. He also was long overdue for a new bike since he's been racing the old white Raliegh that was never intended for him. He looked comfortable on his full carbon and Durace Specialized Tarmac. He got in a break early on and although they were eventually caught, he pulled away again and won the B flight! Way to go baby!

Well, time to go change my tire and get ready to head out for some more badly needed mileage.

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