Saturday, March 22, 2008

RMR and Triple Valley

Today at RMR we were on the outside track. I finally got to meet my nemesis. Well sort of. They have changed the course (thanks to me) and we no longer go over the upraised cement. So peice of cake, right? Wrong! I started off right in the front and as we went around the first turn I hit a rock. It jumped up and bounced noisly off my frame. My mental crash video flipped on and I peed just a little in my pants. And just like that I was off the back.

I knew I couldn't chase back on so I sat up. That gave me a while to have a nice little arguement with myself. There was a voice that said, "come on B! pull off and call it a day." Fortunatley, the other voice that said, "quit being a pansy, get in your drops and ride like you know how to" won out. I caught back onto the first pack but didn't stay long. (Okay guys, how long are you going to stay in C flight? Is it really still fun to beat the pants off beginners and women?) I then caught onto the second pack.

As I'm merging in with them I look over to see Diane with blood running down her face onto her jersey. Just like the pro she is she is working hard and racing well despite the gushing nose. I hung onto that pack for the rest of the race. The tempo was hard but doable. Thankfully, my subconsious took over and I no longer had to remind myself how to ride the course.

After the crit I headed West with Diane and James. We rode the Triple Valley Road Race stage. Going out my HR was 135 and we were flying over the hills at 20 mph without breaking a sweat. That kind of easy riding can only mean one thing- we're F'ed when we turn around. We went to the B turn around at the Sinclair. The gas station was barred up and the gas pump had been burned (I've felt like doing that!). So without a refill on water and with no more sugar, we headed back to the car. The headwind was brutal! Diane and I tucked in behind James for most of the ride. We were only able to manage 13 mph on the hills and were happy to make 18 on the downhill. Diane used all of her paper towels and rode the entire 50 miles bleeding with peices of paper towel shoved up her nose. That girl is one tough chick. Watch out ladies!

Thank you Mistress Julie for letting me sleep in a bit longer tomorrow. Brandi has nicely offered to let me off easy with only a climb up Emigration.

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