Sunday, March 2, 2008

Desert Rampage!

Not a cloud in the sky! Yesterday was my first attempt at a mountain bike race (not counting Tour de Suds where I do more suds than racing). I Started off well into the six mile course sitting second and third. Once we got to the technical climbing section of a river bed wash, women started dismounting and walking up the 2 and 3 foot ledges. I was sitting 4th coming out of the wash and onto the long dirt climb. I hung onto that position but by the time I reached the top I was having some vertigo issues. I stopped and did a gu and then picked my way down a steep gravely descent. I felt better in time for the next climb but by then I had lost more positions. I ended up finishing 7th.

I enjoyed the rest of the day soaking in the rays and feeding Sam. Today we're off for a nice road ride up Snow Canyon.


Jennie Wade said...

good seeing you at the race. I can't wait for my lungs to get back to normal..... wanted to let you know about a little party Theresa Dayna and myself are throwing on the 15th. it's a beer snob party.

Downhilldiva said...

Good to see you too! Get feeling better, that lung stuff sucks! Darn it, I'll be in Mesquite on the 15th. Be sure and invite me to the next beer snob party!