Monday, March 10, 2008

Recovery? Ride

I had dropped an email to the team earlier in the week asking if anyone wanted to do an easy Sunday ride. Josh responded saying he wanted a 2 to 3 hour slow, flat ride. This sounded perfect for me since this the crit was my last push in my 3 week periodization training schedule. Sunday would be the beginning of my rest week. A few more teammates also responded. I showed up Sunday at 9th and 9th at 11:00 expecting 5 or 6 other teammates. We ended up with about 20 Ski Utah and another 10 Porcupine riders. (Now I know where my old team was on Sunday's last year- pirating other team's rides- Just kidding.)

Of course, with all those people and two teams represented, the ride was only kept slow because of all of the traffic lights splitting up the group getting out of the city. We ended up splitting up and heading North. My group headed up around City Creek, through the Aves and up to Wasatch. My legs were so blown from going all out on Saturday that all I could do is spin up each hill. My teammates were great about waiting for me. But with my max HR for yesterday at 188 it was hardly a recovery ride!

By the way my sister saw us flying by Liberty Park and said we looked awesome!

So this week I only have 3 spin classes and a kickbox class. All of which will be at recovery pace. My work and extracurricular activities schedule is slammed with a play Tuesday night, dinner with an old friend on Thursday, a massage and meetings at work every day. Somewhere in all of that I need to find time to pack for Mesquite. Utah hill is going to hurt but it will be my last big tear myself up before the real racing begins. I'm looking forward to a weekend with my old clubbie/ultra distance bike friends.


Anonymous said...

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crazy4rammstein said...

When boys say "slow & fast" they mean the opposite. Sorry, I should have warned you. Damn testosterone! ;)