Sunday, April 20, 2008

Clubbin part II

Since I'm still hankering for a cross bike and I keep wanting a better bike with better components, I opted to save money and not make the drive to Idaho for Tax Day circuit. Of course, once I heard the race report from Brandi I was sad I wasn't there. Win or lose I really love racing. My club rides make me realize how much. By the way congrats to Jamie and Breanne for taking 1st and 2nd.

So I went out and did the BBC Willard Bay century. I figured it would be a good way to get some base miles and practice chasing and breaking away. Somehow my group made a few wrong turns and got off course. Eventually though I was able to catch up with the "racer" boys of the team. I said Hi as we stopped for a Stop sign and as soon as they saw me in full Ski Utah kit they took off. It was obvious that they were hammering hard in an effort to drop me. That was fine with me. I chased and chased until I realized that I still had about 70 more miles to ride today so I'd better save some matches.

I caught up with them at the Willard Bay turn around and told them "good job on dropping a Cat 4 woman!" One of them asked me about my kit and I told them that I race for Ski Utah. He asked why I wasn't racing for BBC. As innocently as possible I asked, "you guys race? I've been to every single race this season and haven't seen you." He mumbled something about "training" and they quickly got on their bikes and left me so they could be the first ones back. I guess they do race, they race back to thier cars in an effort to beat other club riders.

I waited and left with my real club friends. They are the reason I even still go to club rides. We had such a screaming tail wind on the way out we knew we were in for some suffering on the way back. They were all kind enough to wait for me through 2 flats! GRRRR! Oh well better out there than in a race. Although a wheel car would have been nice. It was a long slow grind back to Centerville. The tailwind that was pushing us a long at 26-30 mph was now in our face and we were lucky to do 15!

I did meet a real Porcupine racer also out for some more base miles. He crashed about 2 weeks after me at RMR and was in a coma! He's back out this year though and back to racing at RMR. I am sorry to say though that neither of us racers won the race back to the car. But congrats to those BBC racers that did.

Also, congrats to my dearest friend Tara. She rode yesterday for her second ride in months due to a back injury and managed to do 77! I can't wait to see her kick some butt at Lotoja. Way to go girl!

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crazy4rammstein said...

Let me know when there is another club century or other long ride. I'd like to do it too.


PS, NOT so we can beat the "racers..." really. But it would be fun to try. :)