Saturday, April 5, 2008

I woke up this morning with an upset stomach. It wasn't nerves for the race, I get excited for a race but never sick. I'm sure my time in the toilet left me a bit dehydrated.But since it is a flat course I decided to go for it. I held down my OJ, toast and coffee even though I felt bloated and yucky and headed for the course. I didn't warm up as long as I should have. I'm still learning the hard way how important that is for me.

We headed off at a resonable pace and my stomach was fine! We turned and hit the dirt road and Breanne, Jamie and Melanie (WWC) broke away. Margaret chased them down and as I stood to jump on her wheel to get pulled up to them my left calf cramped. I sat down and spun out. Nancy caught me and told me to hop on her wheel. I would pedal hard then stand up and try to stretch. As soon as that calf let off the other one started in, even worse. I stayed on Nancy's wheel for most of that lap (thank you Nancy, you are a stud). On the nice fast tailwind section I downed a bunch of water and my calves were able to recover.

Kris, Nancy and I were together and we started taking turns pulling when out of nowhere comes Kara! Us fantastic four Ski Utah ladies worked together and were able to drop the rest of the field. We never did catch the break but we had fun working hard together and practicing our eschelons into the wind. We had our own little sprint finish and I pulled it out!

Results were: Women's 4, 1st Breanne (Ski Utah), 2nd Jamie (Ski Utah), 3rd Melanie (WCC), 4th Me!, 5th Kris (Ski Utah), 6th Kara (Ski Utah). I don't know after that, 3 women from our field DNF'd. I think if I had been alone in that wind I would have too! Master Women: 1st Margaret (Ski Utah), 2nd Nancy (Ski Utah). We cleaned house! Way to go ladies!

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